Saturday, November 22, 2008

Didn't Go

well I didn't get to go to the gardens today. Which sux but we plan to try and go again. I couldn't get a ride. Thats why I hate living far enough away from her that I can't just walk. And why I need my own car. But anyways thats ok the gardens arent goin anywhere so some other time. I am excited tomorrow me and my mom have our ceramics class. Were workin on a little dolphin holder. can't wait till it's done. I'm also gonna pour some slip(liquid clay) into a gnome mold. i'm gonna make a house gnome and charm it so we'll have some help round da house work here. i'm really starting to get into pottery and ceramics. It's fun workin with clay. But I'm so messy. lol. It never fails most everyones is relativly clean and i look like I rolled round in da stuff.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Don't Know...

I'm going to be starting college soon... well next spring but in my book thats I'm not sure what I want to major in. I mean so many things interest me especially if it has anything to do with science. But i do know one thing I want to do and thats travel the world. I've always wanted to just be able to get up and just travel all over. Stay here and there and learn new stuff, other cultures, and try new food. Also i realized i really like babies and i find something very special in birth. So I'm thinking about being a midwife. I'm really gonna start looking into that and if anyone has any info on it or know a great place to get information please let me know.

Just Starting Out

So this is my new blog. It's not much yet but I hope to frequently write and add stuff to it. there should be new stuff n pics later tomorrow since me and my friend are goin to da botanical gardens. Hopefully we wont't get rained on (but i have a feeling we wil ;))since it is like a rainy season here in beautifull Hawai'i. Heres a pic of me for those who are curious. i haven't been to the beach or outside that much as you can see I'm really pale