Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I have really neglecdted this blog. Finally decided to get off my bum n quit being lazy. Anyways not Hawai'i anymore, nope family packed up and moved to Oklahoma. Which is freezing right now.lol. My body is in shock from tropical to the cold plains. Buy I'm enjoyin it get to finally wear my winter clothes. But it so awsome where we live. There is a park not far and its full of prairie dogs. I'll have to get pictures next time I go they are soooo cute. One thing I discovered while here is how deep my younger brother is. While having a conversation one day we got on the topic of philosophy and religion which is rare because its usualy all about video games with him. But anyways we were talking bout is there a god what is god like stuff like that and my brother said that he thinks 'A god is god when that being achieves something nothing else has.' I was floored. It just comes to show you truly can't judge someone. He also said something else that amazed me. We were discussing reincarnation and he said he thinks reincarnation is like when we die and a plant sprouts on our grave and an animal comes by and eats the plant, our spirit or soul whatever you want to call it is now part of that animal, or say that animal was pregnant your new life is in the animal that is to be born. I have to say talking to him has really inspired some new artwork. I hope to have more discussions like that with him.