Monday, June 20, 2011


So I ignored this poor blog but I'm really gonna keep up with it this time, hopefully with some improved grammar. Anyways, my mom and me were gonna go into a business together but with moving to Oklahoma recently and buying a house that has been put on hold maybe permanently. She has decided to become a medical assistant and is now going to school for that. So I'm happy for her. I'm going to school too. Majoring in art right now. So I'm missing Hawai'i right now. specialy the beach...ugh it's so hot here and it's only spring though summer starts tomorrow. Also I'm no longer a vegitarian...eee I know. But it is better for my health. Anemia runs in my family on both sides for the women so I was at a disadvantage. It didn't help that of got to eating junk food again since we moved. So I figured I get eating healthy again and well I know there arevitamins n stuff but my tummy is sensitive with em. It's sad really lol so I've resorted to eating meat but it's not that mass industriat farm gray sickly stuff found in stores that I refuse to touch. I found in the local health food store some organic healthy meat and the company has a website and adress so I checked out the farm and saw the animals. Made sure they weren't mistreated or anything. So I nearly cried when I ate that burger, one because it ened me being a vegetarian for the past 6 years and two it was sooo good and I enjoyed it probably way more than I should. So that has been my major events of the year, hopefully more blogs (and followers) to come. :)

Hangin out with my bros and sister somewhere in Oklahoma (can't remember where this was at)

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majikfaerie said...

starting to eat meat again after several years is a huge step.
Can I suggest, if you're just tentatively stepping into eating meat for health reasons, that you look into beef bone stock? It's something very cheap and easy to make - you make it from the bones, especially the knucklebones of the cow, which is a part that is usually discarded or given to dogs anyway. Often if you make contact with a local organic beef farmer or butcher they'll give you a few bones for free or just a couple of dollars. Once you've made the broth, you can add a bit of it to soups or sauces, or even to rice or cous cous when it's cooking. that way you get a massively concentrated dose of quality nutrients from animals you know are treated well, without really going for the "eating meat" part.
I think you can get good directions from googling "weston price beef broth recipe".