Monday, March 16, 2009

Artwork and other random things!

Here are some random pics and some of my artwork. Ive got sketchbooks full but I won't post it all or else id be here all night. lol. anyways here some of my more recent stuff. Most of this will end of as a painting or glazed on vases,bowls ,plates,and cups. Srry for da crappy quality my scanner sux. Don't hav da most uptodate techknowlogy. But no complaints I' happy with wat i got and with that I'm off to bed in an attempt to get some sleep, thus ending my random babblings. Night world. a hui hou (till next time.) Heres my first attempt at ceramics. I poured and glazed da plates myself. me and my mom have become obssesed with it. Our dining room is now our craft room. Full of molds and greenware(unired ceramics)we poured.

Jus a blurry and random pic of a sleep deprived and insane lookin me. This was before I decorated my hair. lol

This is a jellyfish tattoo a friend of mine did foe my birthday. Theyre new to tatooing so I was gladly their guinea pig. Nevr can say no to a free tattoo. This is my second one. I hav a tat od da comedy and tragedy masks me and my bro drew on my shoulders. My jellyfish tattoo is a warining to others to approach with plus it helped me get over my slight fear wit em. When we lived in Hawai''i da first time wen I wa slike 10 I got stung a few times at da beach. So naturally I've been a lil afraid of em. But ow it's like after I got dat tattoo I'm not afraid of em infact I like em now and have a deep respect foe em. Maybe they are my aumakua.

Brother Sun. Done in crayon, colored pencil, and markers.

Jus a random sketch done in crayon i think. I love to draw in crayons.

This is a portarit of some girl I made up. Jus a random pic I drew during one of my bouts of insomnia. I did her in make-up. I know strange huh. I had all this eyeshadow and make up I don't wear anymore and so instead of throwin it away and wasting it I made it into a oieace of art. I call this lil red. She looks haunted like shes almost like shes runnin from something or has a story to tell. I love her lips. Its da most realistic lips Ive evr drawn. lol

Some random sketch of some tribal lookin lady.

This is Sister Moon and Darknes(the Night) it's from a story in my head about the creation of life on earth and everything aorund us. These are eventually gonna be turned into paintings or glazed onto pots. Done in crayons.

Sister Moon again.

This is Mother Earth and Father Sky. This is the birth of Brother Sun. Done in crayons. and again from da same story. Im eventually gonna write it down. one day lol.

From da story this is Mother Earth carrying a baby Sister Moon. Done in crayons.

A lady i painted one day while siitin at da part. I was practasing with my new acrylic paints my parents got me.

A tree I was sittin across from at da park not far from my house. Done in acrylics and crayons

My first attempt at watercolours and the main logo for Simply Bella.

Thats smoke from da brush fire that was right outside post. Wasn't too far from our house. thankfully we didn't have to evacuate or anything.

This is me messin wit my new camera gain. Jus a wild flower growin of a vine dat I took on one of my daily walks.It maybe blury but to me its blury but not in a bad way. It seems haunted in a way if dat makes anysense. probably not I think this lack of sleep has turned my brain into mush. lol.

A rose from my mom's garden.

My friend took this one of me. i was inside part of the playground. It was a tunnel with this plastic dome . It's one of my moms favorite pics.

Me and my friend bored and messin around. lol.

Oh! Parents just loved this one. Not! Some kid took a sharpie and wrote a lil game out on da playground. Sadly a sharoie written game is da least of their worries. that playground is sadly so dirty I don't know how parents let their kids play on it. My friend got a staph infection(probably not spelt right srry)from dat playground.

A pic of the tree from down below. Foe some strange reason I like lay under trees and take pics of em. I think they make neat pictures.

My moms kitty Marrick. Hes very mischivious.

Me and my friend bored wondering round da neighboorhood. Another thing I like to do is jus walk round anywhere. You nevr know what ur gonna see or find or who you'll meet.

These are 4th of july pics from last year(ignore da date I nevr set it). I was messin wit my new camera and they came out like this. My neighboor says thyere bad but I like em. I thought they came out cool. In some it makes me think of wat an alien invasion would look like and in others it looks like music notes floating in the air. it's like bein on a trip wen you look at em without having to take anything.(the best high, one achieved on nothing.)

nother 4th of july pic.


Me at da craft fair barefoot. Actually since it was rainin and da ground was all slick alot of ppl specialy lil kids was barefoot.
Me in my yard. Jus spendin a beautiful day outside. Gladly since its been cold and rainy foe da past week.

Ive realized dta I'm gonna miss da beautiful tropical wheater of hawai'i wen we move. I hate shoes. And get out of wearin em as much as I can. When I have to wear shoes I jus wear slippers. To me shoes seem pointless less ur livin in cold wheater which is wats gonna happen. Were gonna be movin to Alabama in a couple of years and i'm gonna be in major shock da first And I know my feet r gonna go crazy in shoes. lol. the reason foe my shoe hating has always been with me since I was a kid. i ran around outside barefoot all da time. But I really started to hate em wen walkin home one night I cut across the churchyard and stepped right onto a stray wire on da ground. it went through my shoe and into my foot. i couldn't walk on my foot foe a week. Ouch!!! But I realized dat even wit shos on it didn't stop da wire. so really I see no reason foe shoes atleast while livin here. Da only time I gladly put on my slippers is wen I go into a public bathroom course probably makes no since snce I walk round outside everywhere wit no shoes, but it puts my mind at I know i'm a starng one. ;p


I'm so happy. Ive fina;;y accomplished havin spiffy dreads like Ive always wanted. I love dreadlocks and have always wanted em. I did have a head full of em last year but foe some insame spur of da moment thing i made it into a mohawk. So i walked round da last half of my senior year wit a dreadhawk. Looked cool but got old fast since i got tired of shavin da sides. Anyways I ened up cuttin da front and leavin dreads in da back. so i went from a dreadhawk to a dreadmullet. Ive nevr had normal hair, so says me brother. lol. Now finaly da top excluding my fringe has grown long enough to dread again.yay! they are a week old and survived their first washing. My hair probably looks really strange right now. Considering Ive got about shoulder length year old dreads in da back and short about top of my ears lenght dreads in da front. lol. I decided last night they needed some color dazzle. so i found my braing rope i use to make bracelets and charms from necklaces that I nevr wear, shells and beads and went to town. i'm plzed wit da results and I figure dats all dat really matters.

The back of my hair. its a lil over a year old. I'm so proud. lol

The right side. I went crazy last night with charms and braiding rope to add to my hair. I like it though.

The front of my hair. i'm waitin foe my fringe to grow out long enough to dread. Plz ignore my zoned out zombie like state. It was late. I was tired. lol. i haven't been to bed at a decent time in like almost 2 weeks. I swear I'm nocturnal sometimes. lol ;P

Simply Bella

Some close up of some bisque. Little kids stuff like flowers,and these cute lil baby dragons and animals.

This is me wrapped in the orange scarf it was raining and I was tryin to stay some what dry. lol

This is my mom and the main boss of simply bella. Shes stylishy sportin my pink jacket and crochet headband I made her. Shes mad right now. After the craft fair she fell gettin outa da shower and broke her wrist. so everything has pretty much fallin on to me till she gets better. Oh well. :)

The larger pillow wit da flower is da one my mom made and the lil blue travel pillow is da one i made. My mom is now currently usin it to rest her broken casted arm on. lol

These are the headbands I crochet. Ive got all kines. some with flowers and ribbon, some palin, and all sizes, Ive even got some that will fit over dreads.

These are the bracelets my crazy pirate friend susi made. Shes more than likely gonna go into business wit me and me mom.

This is jus a table of mixed stuff.Had finished ceramics,body scrub(which smells and works so good),cards,bracelets,and headbands.

My mom and our table of bisque. lol. ;

Not the greatest pic, but these were some skirts me and my mom made from some beautiful hawaiian print material.

My insane pirate frind Susi, or as she likes to be called Cap'n' SuDragon. I probably butchered da spelling of her name. lol it's wat I do best. If u all can't tell my grammar sux by now.

This is one of our logos. This one is my moms favorite.

This is our second logo and my favorite.

The sign I made for my mom. So we could have a pretty table, course we were jus settin up so ignore how messy it looks.

Well me and my mom are doin it we are starting are own bussiness. Yay!!! We had our first craft fair at the Hale Kula elemetary school not far from our house.well actually it wasn't a craft fair it was more like a fair for little kids. They paid in everything in tickets. So needless to say we didn't do too well. I sold one of my headbands which is all I wanted. lol I'm easy to please. But anyways we are not discouraged. Were still gonna try and get a bussiness goin. Were going to try and get a spot at the market at the stadium and start sellin stuff online. Some of our stuff can be found on our myspace page jus type in Simply Bella. Thats jus a small sample of wat were gonna sale. We're workin on stuff now. So i'll have pics of crosstitched pillows, more travel pillows, skirts, jewelry, and more up soon.