Monday, March 16, 2009

Simply Bella

Some close up of some bisque. Little kids stuff like flowers,and these cute lil baby dragons and animals.

This is me wrapped in the orange scarf it was raining and I was tryin to stay some what dry. lol

This is my mom and the main boss of simply bella. Shes stylishy sportin my pink jacket and crochet headband I made her. Shes mad right now. After the craft fair she fell gettin outa da shower and broke her wrist. so everything has pretty much fallin on to me till she gets better. Oh well. :)

The larger pillow wit da flower is da one my mom made and the lil blue travel pillow is da one i made. My mom is now currently usin it to rest her broken casted arm on. lol

These are the headbands I crochet. Ive got all kines. some with flowers and ribbon, some palin, and all sizes, Ive even got some that will fit over dreads.

These are the bracelets my crazy pirate friend susi made. Shes more than likely gonna go into business wit me and me mom.

This is jus a table of mixed stuff.Had finished ceramics,body scrub(which smells and works so good),cards,bracelets,and headbands.

My mom and our table of bisque. lol. ;

Not the greatest pic, but these were some skirts me and my mom made from some beautiful hawaiian print material.

My insane pirate frind Susi, or as she likes to be called Cap'n' SuDragon. I probably butchered da spelling of her name. lol it's wat I do best. If u all can't tell my grammar sux by now.

This is one of our logos. This one is my moms favorite.

This is our second logo and my favorite.

The sign I made for my mom. So we could have a pretty table, course we were jus settin up so ignore how messy it looks.

Well me and my mom are doin it we are starting are own bussiness. Yay!!! We had our first craft fair at the Hale Kula elemetary school not far from our house.well actually it wasn't a craft fair it was more like a fair for little kids. They paid in everything in tickets. So needless to say we didn't do too well. I sold one of my headbands which is all I wanted. lol I'm easy to please. But anyways we are not discouraged. Were still gonna try and get a bussiness goin. Were going to try and get a spot at the market at the stadium and start sellin stuff online. Some of our stuff can be found on our myspace page jus type in Simply Bella. Thats jus a small sample of wat were gonna sale. We're workin on stuff now. So i'll have pics of crosstitched pillows, more travel pillows, skirts, jewelry, and more up soon.

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