Monday, March 16, 2009


Me at da craft fair barefoot. Actually since it was rainin and da ground was all slick alot of ppl specialy lil kids was barefoot.
Me in my yard. Jus spendin a beautiful day outside. Gladly since its been cold and rainy foe da past week.

Ive realized dta I'm gonna miss da beautiful tropical wheater of hawai'i wen we move. I hate shoes. And get out of wearin em as much as I can. When I have to wear shoes I jus wear slippers. To me shoes seem pointless less ur livin in cold wheater which is wats gonna happen. Were gonna be movin to Alabama in a couple of years and i'm gonna be in major shock da first And I know my feet r gonna go crazy in shoes. lol. the reason foe my shoe hating has always been with me since I was a kid. i ran around outside barefoot all da time. But I really started to hate em wen walkin home one night I cut across the churchyard and stepped right onto a stray wire on da ground. it went through my shoe and into my foot. i couldn't walk on my foot foe a week. Ouch!!! But I realized dat even wit shos on it didn't stop da wire. so really I see no reason foe shoes atleast while livin here. Da only time I gladly put on my slippers is wen I go into a public bathroom course probably makes no since snce I walk round outside everywhere wit no shoes, but it puts my mind at I know i'm a starng one. ;p

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