Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm so happy. Ive fina;;y accomplished havin spiffy dreads like Ive always wanted. I love dreadlocks and have always wanted em. I did have a head full of em last year but foe some insame spur of da moment thing i made it into a mohawk. So i walked round da last half of my senior year wit a dreadhawk. Looked cool but got old fast since i got tired of shavin da sides. Anyways I ened up cuttin da front and leavin dreads in da back. so i went from a dreadhawk to a dreadmullet. Ive nevr had normal hair, so says me brother. lol. Now finaly da top excluding my fringe has grown long enough to dread again.yay! they are a week old and survived their first washing. My hair probably looks really strange right now. Considering Ive got about shoulder length year old dreads in da back and short about top of my ears lenght dreads in da front. lol. I decided last night they needed some color dazzle. so i found my braing rope i use to make bracelets and charms from necklaces that I nevr wear, shells and beads and went to town. i'm plzed wit da results and I figure dats all dat really matters.

The back of my hair. its a lil over a year old. I'm so proud. lol

The right side. I went crazy last night with charms and braiding rope to add to my hair. I like it though.

The front of my hair. i'm waitin foe my fringe to grow out long enough to dread. Plz ignore my zoned out zombie like state. It was late. I was tired. lol. i haven't been to bed at a decent time in like almost 2 weeks. I swear I'm nocturnal sometimes. lol ;P

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